When most people think about buying a car, they probably envision – at least initially – a shiny new vehicle sitting in their driveway, one that just came from the factory and has about three miles on the odometer.

However, many folks quickly realize that a new model just isn’t in the cards. If this describes you, this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something of lesser quality; a pre-owned car can be just as good – and maybe even better – than a new one.

More Affordable

Let’s start with the obvious one. A pre-owned Cadillac costs considerably less than a new model. Plus, if it’s just a couple years old, it will still come with many of the same advanced features found in new cars.  

Smaller Payments 

Because the sale price is not as high as a new car, this has a very nice domino effect if you plan to finance your purchase. For one thing, you won’t have to put up as much for a down payment. You also will have smaller monthly payments. 

A Good Investment

Because new cars depreciate quickly, buying a pre-owned vehicle makes a lot of financial sense. This is especially true with a brand like Cadillac, as their cars are known for retaining value. 

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