When it comes to luxury auto maintenance, knowing the right type of motor oil to put in your car can mean all the difference in your driving experience. MotorWorld Cadillac is one of the leading Cadillac dealerships in the Wilkes-Barre area, and we’ve earned that reputation through great cars, great services, and simply stellar oil changes.

Oil changes are important to the performance of your engine, regardless of what kind of Cadillac you drive, whether that’s a brand new Cadillac Escalade or a model from way back in 2005. Getting an oil change once every 5,000 to 7,000 miles is only half of the battle, as you need to also know what kind of motor oil to put in your engine.

There are four different types of motor oil to choose from and they can directly relate to the type of car you’re driving. At the top of the list is full synthetic motor oil, which provides the best lubrication, resists oxidation, is less susceptible to heat, and is great at fighting sludge build-up. Full synthetic is typically more expensive, however, it lends for the best engine performance possible.

Synthetic blend motor oil, or number two on our list, is a cheaper version of full synthetic motor oil. Synthetic blend provides everything that full synthetic does, but at a reduced level.

Stepping down to number three is conventional motor oil, the standard of any small late model vehicle with a low odometer count. While good at lubricating an engine, it isn’t often the preferred option. Fourth and one of the most important types is high mileage motor oil. High mileage motor oil is meant for engines that have been on the road for over 75,000 miles and is great at reducing leaks, oil consumption, and smog emissions.

If you’re unsure of what motor oil type would work best for your vehicle, don’t fret, just pay a visit to our Cadillac service center where our maintenance professionals will give you all the info and guidance you need. At MotorWorld Cadillac, we strive for the premium experience in everything we do, whether that be in car buying or maintenance.