Driving a luxury car is a truly premium experience, one that requires regular maintenance to keep. When you visit MotorWorld Cadillac, we’ll do more than just help you find the perfect car; we’ll ensure your vehicle is running at optimal levels with the help of our Cadillac service team. So, what can you do to keep that same premium driving and riding experience?

For one, we’ll ensure that your engine’s fluids are at an adequate level. Your engine runs on a series of fluids essential to optimal and correct operation. Motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant all play a part in the feel of your engine behind the wheel, and if you’re not careful, can result in some pretty costly repairs down the line.

Another aspect of your vehicle that we’ll inspect is your tires. Like your engine, your tires are integral to any good driving experience. Your tires support the weight of the vehicle and brace against the bumps, cracks, and obstacles in the road. A set of worn-out tires is more likely to burst unexpectedly, but they can also result in a rougher ride. By inspecting your tires and repairing or replacing wherever needed, we ensure your ride continues to be luxurious from start to finish.

Of course, what would driving something as elegant as a Cadillac vehicle be if it weren’t for all the features packed inside? We’ll examine that everything, from your infotainment system to your climate control system, is all working as intended and causing you little-to-no issue while on the road traveling in the greater Scranton and Mountain Top, PA area.

If you’re looking for a Wilkes-Barre Cadillac dealership that puts their customers first in every scenario, MotorWorld Cadillac is it. We have years of experience in the industry and believe our customers are more than another number; they’re family.